Northern Thai Style curry egg noodle soup topped with crispy egg noodle,

served with pickled cabbage, shallot, onion, cilantro  and lime.


Tender slices of beef seasoned with garlic, black pepper, pineapple, ginger,

cilantro and teriyaki sauce    served flaming to your table served with steamed rice.


Fillet of salmon topped with garlic, onions, tomatoes, pineapple and sweet and sour sauce

served with steamed rice.


Chicken marinated in herbs and spices, with a side of steamed vegetables. Served with
sweet chili garlic sauce and steamed rice.


Pad Thai noodle with mixed vegetables, egg, bean sprout, green onion and peanut,

sided with lemongrass chicken and topped with peanut sauce.


Roasted duck in red curry and eggplants, tomatoes, pineapple,

bell peppers and sweet basil served with steamed rice.


Fried rice with egg, mixed vegetable, onions and crab meat


Fillet of salmon topped with special sweet and sour sauce and

soy basil  served with steamed rice

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